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Monday, September 12, 2005

Raihai Tokuzui: Bowing and Aquiring the Essence

Another of Dogen zenji's texts, this one on finding a teacher and sincerity and faith.

Sakyamuni Buddha said:
“When you meet a teacher who presents complete Awakening, do not be concerned with family or nation, appearance, faults, or behaviours. Rather, if you value her wisdom, you should provide offerings every day of a million coins of gold. Offer food fit for the shining beings. Three times daily you should honour him, and never cause him to be troubled by you. If you do this then the Way of Awakening will be maintained. Since I first gave rise to the mind which seeks the Way [3] up until now, this is how I have practiced, and thus I have realized unexcelled Awakening.”


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