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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stopping and Seeing

This month's On The Way, the DailyZen journal is up. A wonderful teaching from Wei Tse, Stopping and Seeing:

Calmness and insight develop through stilling thoughts: the mind of the buddhas manifests therein...The cosmos of reality completely manifesting unity is always evident and always clear when views are gone and things disappear. As soon as it is obscured by the dust of behavioral and intellectual obstructions, then the fog of confusion and clouds of delusion coalesce into myriad forms. If not for seeing, there is no way to bring to light its evident clarity.

And a piece from Ryokan on reading teachings:
Winter, in the eleventh month
Snow falls thick and fast.
A thousand mountains, one color.
People of the world passing this way are few.
Dense grass conceals the door.
All night in silence, a few woodchips burn slowly
As I read the poems of the ancients.


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