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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fundamentals of Meditation

Yet another basic meditation guide:

The Chinese term zuo chan ( zazen ) was in use among Buddhist practitioners even before the appearance of the Chan (Zen) School. Embedded in the term is the word chan, a derivative of the Indian dhyana, which is the yogic practice of attaining samadhi in meditation. Literally translated, zuo chan means 'sitting chan' and has a comprehensive and a specific meaning. The comprehensive meaning refers to any type of meditation practice based on taking the sitting posture. The specific meaning refers to the methods of practice that characterize Chan Buddhism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


when i learned meditation i thought it was just for sitting.. that is not true. i use it every day while i work! just be mindful of what you are doing! and remember we are not perfect.. sometimes our mind will wonder off.. BUT you must keep it focosed! and keep trying.. i have been tring for 12 years and i still need practice!
DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!

6:01 PM  

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