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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Zen Readings

Concentration and insight go hand in hand, Cocentration allows a person to have insight.

September 2005 Journal - Zen Readings: "
On The Way

The Cooperation of Concentration and Insight

Yung-ming (905-976)

In Zen and the Teachings there are two methods, most honored of the myriad practices of ten perfections. At first they are called stopping and seeing, to help new learners; later they become concentration and wisdom, roots of enlightenment...Link"


Blogger M said...

I like this poem at the end:

If there is beauty, there must be ugliness;
If there is right, there must be wrong
Wisdom and ignorance are complementary,
And illusion and enlightenment cannot be separated.
This is an old truth,
Don't think it was discovered recently,
"I want this, I want that"
Is nothing but foolishness.
I'll tell you a secret,
"All things are impermanent!"

11:34 AM  

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