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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Buddhists hold gathering in Singapore to explore meaning of Zen living

Zen news:

It is a way of modern living that has its roots in Buddhism.

The Zen way of life to some people means peace and clarity of mind.

Zen masters from all over the world are now in Singapore to explore the greater meaning of Zen and its place in today's context.

If your mind is as clear as the ringing, you've probably arrived in a very sacred place within yourself.

That's the basis of Zen teaching, an awareness of one's self in the present moment.

It's a cultural phenomenon that's captivated people from around the world, in search of peace in a conflicting world.

Thomas Pastor, Zen Teacher from Las Vegas, said: "Zen teaches correct function and relationship to each situation. All of us when we turn on the news and watch TV at night, we get overwhelmed by how much suffering there is in this world, with disasters, tsunami, and now earthquakes and many people dying. But it must come from inside first, so individually, if we can make that change and absorb this teaching, it will be reflected in the way you smile to someone on the bus."


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