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Saturday, December 31, 2005

How to sit Zazen

I never tire of these how to web pages. Here's another basic guide for beginners. It starts like this:
"Sit on the forward third of a chair or a cushion on the floor."

For the rest, click the link


Blogger James E. said...

Well, I must take issue with your comment; if it was delivered with a touch of sarcasm.
It is wonderful for those of us who have very bad knees [even in my case where a joint was replaced, in my case I am able to bend my new knee 87 degrees] to seek out sites that enable us to practice zazen easily. If a new way of sitting is discovered - let those among of us try it and then decide if it is correct(to meditate in position)or not. Roshi - understands; we get old like that wandering monk who can't sit down any longer because he can no longer bend his knees into zazen position!!

11:20 PM  
Blogger M said...

Nothing sarcastic at all. I love going back to the basics.

8:25 AM  
Blogger James E. said...

Opening comment withdrawn.
I am into 'basic' learning. Came 'very,very' late to the teachings. When the knee was replaced, I expired and had a Samsara (?) experience along with Nirvana. These objects were a personal happening that was told to me (by a guide) while in that between state of being and nothingness (emptyness)if you understand my explanation. I've never had the interest in learning or inquiring about the teachings until the above occured.
_/\_ Peace

9:46 AM  
Blogger James E. said...

Also, I want to Thank You, with blessings for having this site. Last night I explored several offshoots from your postings and discovered several more wonderful learning websites. I also discovered a E-magazine called 'Tricycle' that was buried deeper in on one of your postings. What a great find that was.

Happy New Year & Happy Chinese New Year _/\_ Peace for all

10:59 AM  

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