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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Practice of Compassion

Ji Aoi Isshi says:

"The pure act of compassion provides us with a powerful, twofold means of practice. It is both a means of turning emptiness into form by giving (dana) toward all sentient beings while realizing at the same time the Buddhist principle that there is no set rigid identity; and it is also a means of turning form into emptiness by overcoming the 'form' of the ego (ours!), when we ourselves forget that very same principle (anatta)!"


Blogger Nabeel said...

I understand the act of giving .. it's in Islam too .. but there's a difference .. in Buddhism .. you give a thing lets say .. based on the principal that you shouldn't develop in desire for that thing .. hence give it away .. whereas .. in Islam .. you give something and if you really had a desire to keep it and even then if you give it (not loosing your desire) .. but just giving it .. it's a better act.

For example .. there is better reward in giving the thing that you reallly really like .. if a thing has no value to you and you give it away .. what good is it?

12:32 AM  

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