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Friday, March 03, 2006

Attain Zero Mind, Use Zero Mind

This talk is not boring. Is that good or bad? [Warning, division by zero can be harmful to your health]:

"Boring is a very important word. If you attain boring, then everything is boring. Then this is no desire, no anger, no ignorance. Desire is boring; anger is boring; ignorance is boring; everything is boring. Then, you will get Enlightenment. So boring is very important. Everything is equal. But people don't like boring. They want something, and boring is not interesting. It's like clear water. Clear water has no taste, but no taste is great taste. Everybody likes ice cream, but eating ice cream all day is not possible. However, if you're thirsty, clear water is wonderful any time -- better than honey, better than ice cream, better than anything. The truth is like this."


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