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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sitting Meditation - Sitting Practice

"The intent to meditate itself arises in the form of an idea, usually tied to something like "stress relief", "peace of mind", "spiritual development", and the like. However, so long as we hold on to these kinds of ideas of developing one outcome or another through meditation, we just remain in the realm of ideas and outside of meditation practice. Even in relation to our ideas themselves, we end up perpetuating the very circumstances that we were hoping to change."

— Seikan Čech

Seikan Čech is a Zen monk based in Melbourne Australia. The quote above is from a recent interview at MeditationHow.info on sitting meditation (or sitting practice).

Sitting Meditation – Sitting Practice
In this seven part meditation testimonial Seikan Čech discusses Just-Sitting, Thinking-Mind, How to Practice The Way, Sitting Practice, Here And Now, Letting Go, and Form Is Emptiness.

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