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Monday, December 13, 2004

Zen and 7-Steps to a More Fulfilling Job

Time for a change? This Zen approach to finding a new job might help.
Like the way of Zen, which includes understanding of oneself as one really is, Miller encourages job seekers and those dissatisfied with work or life to examine their beliefs about work and recognize that, "in many cases your beliefs are what brought you to where you are today."
The 7 steps, which are described more in the article, are:
Step 1: Willingness to do something different.
Step 2: Commitment to being who you are, not who or what someone wants you to be.
Step 3: Self-definition.
Step 4: Attain a level of self-honoring.
Step 5: Vision.
Step 6: Appropriate risk.
Step 7: Action.


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