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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

John Tarrant: The Koan Mu (Mumonkan Case #1)

A nice discussion of the famouse Mu koan.
If we are asking about the purpose of life, the answer will be interesting only insofar as it is useful and will be useful only when it throws us onto our own resources, and into an awareness of our own participation in the fate of living creatures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you referring to Tarrant's excellent book "Bring Me the Rhinocerous"? Some questions he asks: "If an ordinary experience can be ecstatic, couldn't the moment a profound change of heart occurs be commonplace? Could that opening of the heart be going on all the time, unnoticed, a secret in plain sight? Couldn't it be something that is happening right now? Couldn't the home everyone is always looking for be right here, now? Could that openness be the natural state of the mind?"

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