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Friday, April 22, 2005

Semantics and Zen

My advice is, if you want to read this, cut and paste it into your word processor. The green background and centering of all text will drive you bonkers. Here's a little bit, minus the green and center tags.
Semantics tells us that to define is to lim it. It is thus easy to see that the Zen (not being limited by concepts) experience cannot be comprehended by the limitation involved in definition. The experience of Zen is beyond words and so is also beyond intellectual understanding or verbal communication. If one is to comprehend Zen, a "new" non-verbal world will be unveiled. Using words to explain Zen is a sublte process. In the words of Zen interpreter Alan Watts (1957, p. 14), "A proper exposition of Zen should tease us out of thought and leave the mind like an open window instead of stained glass."

It is not surprising to find that the goals of both Semantics and Zen are very similar. Both are vitally concernted with development of full human potentialities. What is the basic aim of Zen?


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