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Friday, August 05, 2005

Zazen Posture by Taitaku Pat Phelan

Here's more good basic info, with a little more background:

Zen meditation isn't something we do only with the mind. What we practice with is much wider than our conceptual thinking. In zen it is said that realization must penetrate our flesh and bones, extending to the tips of our hair and down into the marrow of our bones. In zen meditation, we use our body as an ally so that anything we experience, we can practice with.


Blogger Mark Foote said...

From "Cheng Man-ch'ing", co Douglas Wile, pg 17: "With this method of circulating the ch'i, it overflows into the sinews, reaches the bone marrow, fills the diaghram, and manifests in the skin and hair."

And from "Zen Letters, Teachings of Yuanwu" co 1994 J.C. Cleary and Thomas Cleary, pg 101: "when your state is genuine and true, then it is totally inclusive at all times, leaving nothing outside of it, and you can put down your body and mind anywhere."

love that. Yours truly, Mark

9:17 PM  

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