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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kinhin or Walking Meditation Practice

Basic instructions:

"In the formal version of waking meditation, the head, shoulders, back, eyes, breath, and awareness are as in sitting meditation. The hands can be held as in sitting meditation. Alternatively, one can make a fist of one hand, tucking the thumb inside the fist, and positioning the fist in the center of the chest at heart height. Place the other hand palm down on top of the fist, and hold the elbows at the same height as the fist with the forearms parallel to the floor.

The walking is a slow continuous motion with short steps. We breathe synchronously with our steps, usually breathing in on one step and out on the next."


Blogger Maddy said...

I go to a meditation class
at a Budhist temple and we
do the walking med - actually
quite peaceful although the monk
teaching us said
when you walk very very fast-
almost out of control- and swing
your arms more people have
reached enlightenment this way -
due to the fact they can't possibly
THINK of anything else...?
I am going to a retreat - nervous-
in May and I hope I can smuggle
in a book and ipod.

12:07 AM  

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