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Thursday, October 15, 2009

All In The Mind

Interview with Thomas Metzinger:

"I don't deny that there is a self-y feeling. I certainly feel like someone, but there is no such thing. There is neither a non-physical thing in a realm beyond the brain or the physical world that we could call a self, but there's also no thing in the brain that we must necessary call a self."

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Bigfoot Zen: Bigfoot, Big Boat, Big River, Big Zen

From a post on new Zen blog "Bigfoot Zen":
"Picture yourself on this boat on the river. In that very moment, there is nothing other than the world of the boat. Just as your poling is what causes the aggregate to be a boat, the boat is also defined by the river, and the river is defined by the shore, and the shore is defined by the land just as the land is defined by the sky. In fact, everything in the universe is defining every other thing in the universe, and they are all defining the boat, and you are pushing the boat, and at the same time, the boat is carrying you."

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