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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Copper Meditation Pyramids for Healing and Relaxation

I have been building meditation pyramids for about twenty years now. It started with an experiment in my Brooklyn, New York apartment with copper wire hanging from the ceiling and pinned to the floor at the proper angles. In this makeshift pyramid I had my first out of body experience.

I had read about them in a book, and started playing around with the wires, and noticed a real change in the energy of my meditation. There was something about the space that it created that was special, though I could not pin it down at the time.

I built various types over the years, including some pretty large ones with all the sides in place out of one-inch copper pipes. In the last several years I refined my design to be collapsible and so portable. You can pull it out and set it up in seconds. I posted the design on my blog as a do-it-yourself meditation pyramid. A year ago, I was asked to build one for someone who didn't feel up to it. I used an Etsy shop to make the purchase official.

Copper meditation pyramids offer a sacred space that limits (if not shutting out altogether) invasive thought forms and negative energy, regardless of its source. It drives us deeper into ourselves. After all, pyre and mid (fire in the middle) says it all. It helps us commune with source.

If you want to build your own, visit my website at meditationpyramids.info or take a look at my Etsy offerings, by checking out any of the designs below:

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