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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love Intelligence

Existence need not be a fight for survival! It is a celebration, a dynamic play for our enjoyment. Love-Intelligence is the ability to see the universe with loving and wondrous eyes. To see a ocean fog rolling over the mountains, crashing ocean waves hitting a cliff, desert dunes illuminated by a purple sunset; this is enough to be in sheer awe. To be among the birds, the insects, the plants and trees, and all the unique people in a bustling city; this is enough to feel grateful. When we see life as being this colorful, this beautiful, this far-out, this psychedelic, we can only celebrate!
A man who loves a woman cannot justify why it is so. He may use many words like beautiful and kind to explain his feeling, but there are many women on earth that fit this description. There is no explanation why he has chosen her, or why he is drawn to her; to him it is a mystery.
A man who sees the beauty in the moon or a sunset does so with loving eyes. What is there to gain from the moon? How can a sunset give you anything that is not already inside of you? Love-intelligence is the ability to see the sunset within every person, to see the full moon in every stone.
To taste, to see, to breath, to feel, to think, be be alive is miraculous. To have life passing through you is enough to be thankful. We have been chosen for this gift of consciousness. When we are overwhelmed by love and gratitude there is no better place to express it than the here an now. There is no man-made temple as worthy to bow to as you body, the earth, or the sky.
No questions need be answered. Love-Intelligence is the ability to realize the futility in all questions and answers. We need not seek to explain everything, we are already who as we are; we are whole in our not-knowing. Therefore knowing cannot make us more whole. True peace comes from an acknowledgement of bewilderment. Like socrates exclaimed at the end of his life, “the one thing I know is that I know nothing”.


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